Bodybuilding Work Ethic

Another Saturday Leg Training!

Bodybuilding Work Ethic
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What you do when others aren't watching will determine the degrees of your success!

The Routine:

The alarm goes off, it 6:30am another day off to a wonderful start. Its time to get up but hell we can just get another 20 in we will get then. Nope that 20 will turn into an hour before you know it and we'll be behind for the rest of the day with all the crap we need to get done. Time to get up!

Bodybuilder wear a hoodie

Time to get ready for this workout it gonna be a killer. Got to get my head into this shit or we are gonna have a shitty workout which for us means a shitty day. Well wash my face and shave to get things going. Well thats done, time to get the pre-workout nutrients in - 15 grams EAA + 6 grams creatine with 2 grams beta (alinine)! Starting to feel better already time to get dressed for this shit.

It's raining outside so gonna need to wear my hoodie today. Squatting heavy so will need to make sure me socks are clean can't look dirty, could be some ladies training early. Looking clean sweats and hoodie keep me warm until i get warmed up.

Time to pack the bag, remember to bring the new leverage belt wanna try it out on the heavier sets. Post training protein, couple piece of fruit, Headphones, towels, extra shirt. Time to get out of here, lets do this!

Why we do it!

You ever wonder why you get up half dead and just 30 minutes later are roaring to go workout and put your body through the gauntlet in your quest for physical domination. We have wondered that very same thing for years and have come to the conclusion: Work Ethic.

Its the only thing that makes any sense. You drag yourself to the gym everyday no matter what went on the day before and put yourself through session after brutal training session. We haven't even talked about the eating of only foods that produce the results you want while those old friends of yours from school days are parting and eating all kinds of crap with not a care in the world.

We do what we do because we know that down the line that win loose or draw after the next contest we will have moved 1 step closer to our goals. Be they turning professional or just seeing how far we can go against the best the world has to offer.

We also know this work ethic has transferred into other parts of our lives and made them better as well. It takes discipline to get to your goals in and out of the gym. We have done the team route before but have always been let down by a teammate that go beat by a better competitor. It happens that is teams sports, you live and ie as a team. This though is all on US. We sink or swim by our own efforts and we are thriving in that arena.

Yeah WORK ETHIC is exactly what it IS!

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