Do You Enjoy Your Workouts? Part 2

A Few More Reasons why you may not be enjoying your workouts!

Do You Enjoy Your Workouts? Part 2
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A few more touches to think on so you might get a few more bit os enjoyment out of your workout!

Think about it for a minute. Do you really enjoy your workouts, or do you have to force yourself to go to the gym and when you get there do you just go through the motions, never really putting your heart and soul into your workout? That was the question I asked in the first part of this article series about anyone who works out! In todays world of digital exuberance people really tend to get lost in their own little world and seem to just plod through life attached to devices and not the world around them.

Much like the first go round most people of today are not as happy as those of past generations. Todays workers are constantly under pressure to do more with less and have don just that. But when asked almost to a person MOST say they are NOT HAPPY! I though about my own experiences and have to say honestly that I have been happiest in my life when I loved the work I was doing and NOT working just to make the most money. In todays world the chase for money and things seems to be the main goals of work today.

As this second selection is being written we are in the middle of a global health crisis with the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic. This health crisis has really shown how the pursuit of all those THINGS we though ere indispensable was really just a bunch of CRAP! The biggest problem we have are still the very same - PERSONAL ENVY! Most people are still chasing the other persons riches. You see it all the time, the neighbor gets a pool, so now there is construction at 5-6 house n the block getting a pool! No one is satisfied with nice deck, clean backyard anymore because it doesn't have a pool!

It is the same in bodybuilding. Look at all the videos on the internet, every single one tries to be more over the top then the other. People shoveling out advice of very dubious nature about nutrition, supplement and oh yeah drugs that doesn't comport to any scientific evidence what so ever. It no wounder that anyone following any of the BS advice is have a hard time enjoying their training because it based on made-up bull shit from a bullshit source. Stop looking for quick fixes to problems that took years in the making. Good workout and diet practice take time to work their magic, but when they do the changes are FOR LIFE!

As I Said in the previous - We must all learn to be grateful that we have the opportunity to train, and learn not to compare ourselves with others. I’m positive that when we learn this our workouts will not only be more enjoyable, they’ll also be more productive.

Another reason for this unhappiness in training is that we fail to keep things simple. I touched on this is the last article, but things have only gotten worst not BETTER! Living in a complex and confusing world that is ever changing with its instant gratification fixes it is some time extra hard just to catch your breath at days end. The simplicity that was a way at life in the past feels so long gone that people have forgotten how to simplify their lives and take back their time. You need to start cutting out those things that you thought you needed when you signed up for them but have barely used in the last 3-6 months. This is how you simplify your daily life and start taking back your time.

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Lets now go back to the workouts changes you should have made from the first article. Did you clean out all the clutter of your routines only to find that some of the clutter has snuck it way back in because of training partners or internet videos. Has you body fat gone back up when it was going down and you were starting to look pretty damn good with that simple routine.

IT'S NOW TIME WE GET BACK TO BASICS AGAIN! WE WILL REPEAT - The solution to this is simple. Merely analyze your workouts and eliminate all those fancy and essentially, worthless exercises. Go back to the basics and keep your workouts simple.

The next 2 reason why people fail to enjoy their workouts is actually exactly the same as before: Worry about things YOU don't control and a lack of Concentration(Focus).

This is a repeat from the first article because evidentially people don't read, and I will not repeat myself fro them. READ THE DAMN PARAGRAPHS BELOW:

People nowadays worry about everything and the same is true for bodybuilders. Instead of thinking about their workouts, many bodybuilders concern themselves with external matters when they train. Inflation, crime, a sales presentation or the big date tomorrow night are just a few examples of the thoughts that crowd a bodybuilder’s mind when he works out. Many of these thoughts are negative and it’s no wonder that you don’t enjoy your training when your mind is filled with negative thoughts.

When you train you must learn to focus all of your energy on your workouts. Anything that does not directly deal with your training must be pushed aside until after your workout.

Worry is one of the most negative of all emotions. And the sad part is that we worry about matters that we have no control over. Rather than accept things as they are, we worry and get upset over them. Even sadder is that many times the things that we can change, we don’t. We are so caught up in our worry that we fail to realize that we have the power to change the situation, or we are so overwhelmed by our worry that a sense of helplessness prevails.

Finally, we see that many people train for the wrong purpose. When you first began to train, you did so because you liked to and you wanted to improve your appearance, strength and health.

Unfortunately, there are some bodybuilders who no longer train for those reasons. They are now motivated by the quest for fame and fortune. And this, accordingly, has lead to the widespread use of steroids and other drugs. Fortunately, however, these people are in the minority. Even still, we should all ask ourselves why we train, and if our reason is not for self-improvement and satisfaction we should make every effort to channel our motives back to those areas.

Anyone who has a problem of NOT ENJOYING THEIR WORKOUTS just doesn't want to fix that problem! Follow the damn steps outline in this article and you will have ZERO problems enjoying your workouts. You workouts should be about what you want to accomplish and don't complicate them. Forget all the BS on the internet and start out with the simple pragmatic workout s you used to use in the beginning when you enjoyed working out! Try to keep these 4 step in mind: Learn to be thankful for what we have; our workouts must be kept simple; we must learn not to worry; and we must train for personal satisfaction. The same 4 steps from the first article because they work!

Again: Following these guidelines in a specific sense will make your workouts more enjoyable and productive, while applying them in a general sense will male your entire life more enjoyable and satisfying. Good Luck!

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