The Mentality of Getting Big - Really BIG

The trials of becoming a true mass monster!

The Mentality of Getting Big - Really BIG
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It takes allot more than want to get to the realm of the monsters!

One of the biggest things you always hear from bodybuilders, powerlifter, or any other yahoo who has ever picked up a barbell, dumbbell or any other kinda weight is I would love to be big. Really you would love to be big, well the world is out there for you - COME GET SOME!! Most people think that getting bigger is just a combination of just PEDs, working out, and eating allot of food - NOPE! To get very big and strong beyond the average gear head take a completely different mindset beyond the ordinary.

The Monster Mind:

The mind set of some of the biggest bodybuilders to ever walk this planet has always been that of how can i pack on 5 pounds here or 5 pounds there to make my physique pop even more when I hit this shot stage. Those of the truly massive offseason size look so way out of the ordinary from jump street most normal persons look at the guy and say where the hell is it gonna fit, he saying I can add 5-10 pounds here and there. What sounds crazy as shit to the average person fits comfortably in the mind of the mass monster. His/Her (yes there are female mass monster among US) mind is fixated on adding those pounds and know the only way to get the mass machine started is with old basic ass training that grinds the body to the nub, but produces the desired results.

Training to be a Monster:

We all know the basic movements of mass training are those that use the most muscle to move the most weight. Notice I said those that use the most muscle to move the most weight. So yeah we talking basic training but we ain't talking heave-ho training. We've all seen it - bar loaded with damn near half a ton and the damn thing becomes a 2 man lift with the fist bump at the end as if that shit was a good set. Yeah it was that alright -SHIT! Take a good hard look at the tapes of Ronnie, Nasser, and Rhul training old school style. There is very little to zero heave or hoe - you see controlled physical mayhem at it finest. These guys were brutally strong and they were bodybuilder not powerlifters. Powerlifters move weights from A to B using all their muscles. Bodybuilders move the weight from a to B using mainly the desired muscles! To do this kind of training day in and day out takes extreme mental aptitude because it is not a easy road.

Eating the Monster Way:

Ronnie Coleman - Large plate of Chicken strips, Large Plate of Fries & a Cold Drink!!

Now we get to the MAIN DEAL - EATING! Allot of people believe they can eat a mass monsters meals until they have to eat meal plan that require them to eat on schedule everyday for months on end, because that is what the plan requires so as to not injure your self during training. To give your body everything it needs to grow and recover, day in and day out. Your meal plan will probably consist of way more food in a week than you normally eat in 2 weeks. Just remembers this is all for the greater good of becoming a mass monster. We can all remember Ronnie Coleman sitting down with what looked like 2 pounds of chicken breast strips and a bottle of BBQ sauce with tall cool glass of drink! We'll that is sort of you for the next 6 months as we pack on some serious pounds on the normal body before taking a break to cut bodyfat for 3 months, then another 3 months maintenance work then back on the size train. Eating those 5-6 meals a day every day without rest is not easy because you eat no matter if your hungry or not i's about putting on that muscle mass.

Still Wanna?

So you still wanna give it a solid try, then get your mind right because it is not a easy road! Most bodybuilders natural or geared have the exact same pitfall when packing on mass and it is the eating. I have had many a natural trainer tell me they can't gain good bodyweight and it all comes down to the food consumption. NO gear doesn't make you eat more that shit is all you. Becoming a natural mass monster @ 255 pounds is just as bad ass as a geared 320! Trust me I have seen both and each one is way outside of normal. So you wanna not be NORMAL? LETS GO!!!

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