Getting Total Midsection Detail

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Getting Total Midsection Detail
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Abdominal training is repetitional because it has to be in order to etch in the detail!

Jacques Neuville - Deep Etched Abs

Nothing sets off a championship physique more than a chiseled, tight and defined midsection. Were talking full midsection development, rectus abdominis, obliques, and intercostals equally deep and sharp seems to be lacking in bodybuilding today. You watch guys training in the gym and only think about abs when it 4-5 weeks out from a contest. This is a shame because the abs are not to complicated to develop if you put your mind in to training them on a consistent basis.

When constructing your routine one of the best things I found is to start from the bottom up. When you start with the lower abs, then the middle before hitting the upper abs and obliques you tend to get a very complete workout. No sections are missed and there tends o be allot less cramping when the lower abs are hit first seems to warmup the structure.

I advise training abs at least 2-3 time a week depending on your schedule, but 2 times a week is mandatory if you want to see them grow! You can do your ab training either at the beginning of a training session or the end, I prefer the end as abs training should be very high repetitions and is kind of aerobic and make a great end to a workout. The main ab routine we recommend here consist of 3 exercise performed Tri-set fashion for 3 sets. That is 3 exercise performed back to back with little rest between each for about 25-30 repetitions each. If you can't reach 25-30 repetitions on each set, don't worry that is your goal not your starting point. Do as many rep as your can with good form until exhausted then move to the next exercise.

Your Routine:

That is the whole routine! it not complicated and hit every part of your abdominal section with precision. The routine is very aerobic & along with along with a 20 minutes treadmill walk or bike ride should jump start your fat burning and have those abs chiseled in record time.

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