Trashing Tri's

Add Serious Beef to Your Triceps!

Trashing Tri's
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Your tricep are a big bodypart so train them that way!

I like training all body parts, but I particularly like training my triceps or you could say “trashin my triceps”. I always picture my triceps as large hams hanging off the back of my arms. Their so big that I have to cut my sleeve like Sergio Oliva did back in the 60's for my shirts to fit. I do have a problem with allot of todays bodybuilders because they treat triceps as if they are a small muscle. Your triceps make up 2/3 of your upper arm. That is NOT a small muscle by any measure.

One the best ways to pack on the mass on your triceps is to use basic heavy exercises as your foundation exercises. Unless your competing in a few weeks down the road forget all that 3 head bullshit, were trying to build mass and to do that you need to activate all heads on every exercise you choose, especially the long head that makes you the biggest part of your triceps. Keeping that mindset will allow you to grow your triceps to ham sized monsters.

The next thing you have to do is to keep your exercises simple and as heavy as possible. Always operate in a full range of motion and never jerky or putting undue stress on the joints just to complete reps. On compound exercises use a spotters to help with those last reps of a hard set. Remember the motion of the tricep is complex but it is not as complex as other muscle groups like your shoulders so train intensely with focus!

The Exercises:

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Workout #1

Workout #2

Workout #3

All of these workouts are fantastic at adding quality size and strength to your triceps. Every workout can be customized to your training level be it beginner or advanced. The main focus is that with these 8 exercises you have all you need to build some insane triceps! Take it from the legends of the past and treat your triceps like the massive muscle they are and they will respond a with ridiculous growth!

Conclusion - YOUR triceps are a BIG bodypart, 3 quaters of your upper arm mass, so train them like that. NO PUSSY WORKOUTS! Hit them heavy with plenty of reps! No 5-6 reps your need more, like 10-12 or even more on some exercises. Now - LETS GO!

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