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Best Creatine Products
Scientifically Proven To Help You Gain Muscle! #1 World Wide Sport Supplement!

Find Your Right Creatine Product:

Being the most examined supplement in the world has made creatine the target of many false claims over the past 20+ years. We are here to state 2 of the most publicize BS statement about Creatine as complete corporate BullShit!

  • BS #1 - Our creatine product is better than creatine monohydrate. We have been seeing this for over 15+ years, but the problem is that this is complete CORPORATE PUFFERY, puffery is what a company does to sell products by making up BS to push up sales. There is NO scientific proof to back up any, let repeat this ANY of these claims. NONE!
  • BS #2 - Creatine Monohydrate doesn't work for me, plus I eat allot of red meat any so I get enough form my diet. Your a fool! Period not going to be nice about this because you or who ever your talking to doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about! This person is usually trying to sell something or has so much gear flowing in his or her veins they don't know what the fuck is working for them.

Recommended: Use all year round, discontinue use 2-3 weeks prior to contest time when prepping for a show to limit water retention. We like to follow a schedule of 3-5 gram on off-days and 5-8 grams before and after workouts. Most who use this schedule have seen very good gains over just takin on training days. Also cycle your creatine use with weeks off to let ATP stores settle on a new baseline before beginning a new cycle.

The Right Kind for the right reason:

Finding the right kind of creatine depends on what you want, there's buffered form(Kreaklyn), estered form (CEE), or the new actor Creatine HCL. Creatine HCL, this is creatine with the hydrochloride group added to the creatine molecule, This help lowers the pH of the creatine, making it more acidic. This increases its solubility in fluids. It's still Creatine Monhydrate undeneath all the add-ons.

So Which One Is Right For You?

We have over 100 Creatine products in this category through out the site. How do you pick the right one for you? The below sections can help you make a smart decision. We have put together as much information as possible for you, so you can make a informed and correct decision.

Featured Products

Allmax 100% Pure German Creatine
Allmax Nutrition 100% Pure German Creatine

CREAMAX technology to micronize the highest grade German-source CREAPURE creatine monohydrate.

Functional Benefits

  • Professional Grade & Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement
  • Improves Performance in High-Intensity Strength Training
  • Increases Muscle Mass, Strength and Size
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Jacked Factory CREASURGE
Jacked Factory CREASURGE

CREASURGE™ is a premium pre-workout muscle building supplement for men and women, featuring the most effective ATP boosters on the planet: Creatine monohydrate and elevATP®.

Functional Benefits

  • Build Lean Muscle Naturally and Quickly
  • Increase Strength, Boost Stamina, & Enhance Blood Flow
  • Improve Body Composition
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