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Site Update 06/23/19

Its been a long time since reporting, but we have been very busy behind the scenes with allot of site changes and site additions. As you see fro the new Index page we have now settled on a design which we have gotten good reviews from you and it fits with all mobile devices as well. This marks the finalization of our initial site design and now begins the roll out of many, many, many pages. We thank all those who have continued to visit while we were doing the updates without updating you our community. To that we say sorry, give always are coming later in the year. With this update I say thank you and promise you will hear from US each and every month from now on, again Thank You!

Site Update 11/01/18 We are in the final stages of all site update as it has been a very eventful year, We know most of you are saying we didn't see any updates for the last six months. Well yeah thats one of the things about developing a new site, either you do it in full view or you pull back and developed in the background. We did both for a time but as things became more challenging we had to pull back under ground so to speak. Our new Bodybuilding Zone, Powerlifting Pit and Sport Fitness Connection eZines are all up and running with issues coming out between the 1st & 15th of each month. Up next will be a more rich and better articles section followed closely by a more complete a vast shopping section. We didn't go away we just weren't under ground to better deliver a more rich and robust product.
Thank You!

More News coming later. See ya in a few. No Bull just the real shit, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and Sports Fitness portal on the internet!